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Our Philosophy
We at jRobert Videography, a video production company, take pride in our work. We are not satisfied unless you love your video. We love weddings, to see and feel your emotions, to hear stories of your life and to see how loved you are. We are honored to be invited to your wedding, to capture and present you with a video you will cherish and show to your family and friends for decades to come. We work as a team with your marriage official, photographer, wedding planner or consultant, caterer, master of ceremonies, music providers (DJ's or band) and entertainers.
Our Training
I received training from fellow wedding videographers who are members of BCPVA (British Columbia Professional Videographers Association). I have met their qualification standards as a professional wedding videographer. We stay current with technology by attending conferences and seminars for wedding & event videography. We are members of Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA).
We have 6 years of experience shooting professional videos. We have 5 years of experience shooting weddings. We've shot over 50 weddings.
Our Equipment
Digital Camcorders, Wireless Microphones, PRO VHS Duplication We use two digital 3-chip camcorders and digital editing equipment to ensure the highest quality. We use the same wireless systems that major networks use for their news coverage. Our microphones are recommended by the sound engineer distributors from Hollywood. We capture clear audio at your ceremony (marriage official, your vows, speakers, singers, musicians, ...), at your photo/video session, and at your reception (MC, toasts, DJ or band, and entertainers). We use on-camera lights for reception coverage and no camera lighting during the ceremony, unless requested.

Our PRO VHS Duplication system produces VHS tapes with the highest signal strength and clarity ensuring compatibility with your VCR.

Our DVD quality is twice as good as VHS tape (twice the video resolution and the sound is better too). DVD is permanent and does not loose quality with age, unlike VHS tapes. Our DVD burner has been tested on many DVD players, but you should test our DVD demo on your DVD player to be sure.

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