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Sample Wedding Video Clips

Cassidy & Jennifer

Ricky & Carmen (Destination Wedding)

Simon & Noy



We at jRobert Videography capture the magic and romance of your special day. Your parents will cherish your wedding video, You and your friends will have fun with it, Your children will enjoy it for years to come. Imagine if you had a wedding video of your grand parents' wedding. You will have the opportunity to experience viewing your wedding video with your grandkids.

Our approach:
We begin by getting to know you. Are you planning a traditional wedding, something unique, sophisticated or fun? We attend your rehearsal and meet your parents, wedding party and minister. We review your itinerary and plan your coverage. We use the "Fly-On-The-Wall" approach to shooting, along with wireless mics and battery power (no AC cords). The ceremony and reception are shot with 2 digital 3CCD video cameras.
Why have a wedding video?
We are your eyes during the processional, we see the tear in a loved one's eye, we capture the laughter, the drama, the memories. We want you to see again and again the beauty of your dresses, the freshness of your flowers, the splendour of your cake. We will keep your wedding day alive forever. We want you to see and hear moments you didn't see or remember. With sensitivity and professionalism, we capture not only what you see but what your family and friends see, plus angles during the ceremony that only wedding videographers are allowed to video. The results are always beyond expectations.
We offer two types of packages: Edited and non-Edited. Each have in common:
  • Two 3-chip digital video camera and crew for coverage of ceremony and reception. Other parts of your day are covered by one video camera and crew.
  • Stock footage from both cameras, on miniDV or DVCAM tapes.
  • Wireless mics are used to pickup audio:
    1. Groom wears lapel mic and transmitter during ceremony
    2. Mic for speaker or musicians
    3. Long range mic for ambient sounds
    4. Lapel mic is used on podium mic at reception
    5. Handheld mic is used for optional interviews
    6. Audio is captured directly from church sound system, DJ, band boards,... whenever possible

We have a starting price of $700 (plus taxes) for a non-edited wedding video, covering your ceremony only. Non-edited packages are intended for those who do not want their video edited, or will have someone edit it later, as their budget allows.

Cost of Video With No Editing
Cost of Video With Editing
Estimated Shooting Hours
Estimated Tape Hours
Ceremony Only
Ceremony and Reception
Ceremony to Reception
Bride Prep to Reception

To calculate a custom package, the minimum cost is $500. Non-Edited coverage is $100 per hour. Editing adds $200 per hour of tape footage. Taxes are additional.

What do you get with the Edited options?

  • 30-60 minute short edited version containing scenes from bridal preparation, significant events from ceremony, scenes with the photographer sessions and scenes from your reception. Actual audio is used where applicable. The rest is put to music of your choice.
  • 5 VHS tapes of the short edited version and a copy on VHS tape of the stock footage.
  • 3 DVD copies of the short edited version.

What do you get with the Non-Edited options?

  • 5 VHS tapes.
  • 3 DVD copies.


  1. $300 - Photo montage (50 photos shown A&E style, set to music of your choice) You may choose to show this video at your reception. We can provide a small TV, or we can provide you with a contact for renting a large screen projector.
  2. $700 - Romantic or Love Story video
  3. $400 - Transfer to DVD (2 copies) of digital footage to digital video files with Time Code for the purpose of editing your video later. MiniDV or DVCAM tapes are generally good for one year. DVD's are designed to last 100 years, if not scratched.
  4. $20 - Additional DVD copies
  5. $10 - Additional VHS tapes

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Our Philosophy, Experience, Training and Equipment

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